White Rose Movement. With that name, a manifesto must have been drafted and its members must be preparing to make their avant-garde assault upon the masses. Well kind of, the WRM already happened in the 1940s with a German student group that organized around an anti-Nazi leaflet campaign. Flash-forward to modern-day UK and the name works equally as well for Finn Vine (vocals, guitar) Jasper Milton (guitar) Owen Dyke (bass) Taxxi (rad name, keys) and Ed Harper (drums). “We’re London based, but not a London band,” says Jasper. ”Well, let’s say we’re an East Anglian band, because it has the word angle in it,” says Finn (gigwise). ‘We formed the band just as we were going to war (in Iraq), and we wanted something that suggested peace, to wave a white flag to what was going on. Not only that, but it sounded good and made sense.’ Or as Finn succinctly says, ‘the right name for the right time’ (myvillage). While I can’t say that their songs are political, they make some kick-ass borderline rock/dance (it could go either way depending on the song) music. These guys are not only reviving a name, but they are shaking up 80’s synth pop with a grittier edge. I was beginning to think that the 80’s revival was getting tired but WRM zaps new life into it. They look the part too.