This Saturday afternoon Peter & The Wolf, Castanets, and Jana Hunter will play on the Empty Vessel Project. They will perform on a salvaged WWII Navy Rescue boat, which doesn’t look seaworthy but could probably hold a music show. Supposedly these bands are touring on a boat as a protest to high gas prices among other things.

Austin’s Peter and The Wolf play folk music cast under the shadow lo-fi sound. Their boy/girl singing dynamic works dark and lo-fi because is not always in sync, which keeps it coarse. If you are as curious as I am about this show, come down to the Gowanus Canal and wish them bon voyage on their tour of the eastern seaboard. I honestly don’t know anything about the other two acts or who all those people are in the picture. But maybe touring on boat is kind of like The Oregon Trail and they have lost a few people to snake bites and malaria.

Access to the Empty Vessel is from the west side of 1st Street, one block south of the Carroll Street Bridge over the Gowanus Canal. The Empty Vessel would like to become an Action, Art and Design Center fostering projects focused on Sustainable Living in Urban Landscapes.a