Story about pest control

We have many living creatures called “Pasts” living around us in areas too close to us. For example, mice, pigeons, crows, etc. have plenty of time to count. However, many of them are protected by the “Animal Protection Act”, and some animals, such as bats and pigeons, have infections if they are touched with bare hands, and some animals may be infected with feces. These pest control by amateurs is very difficult legally and technically. Currently there are specialists in the whole country about these pest control, and there are also many problems such as scams asking for pest control. If you are considering pest control, we recommend that you consult first.

Think about coexistence with humans

Even if the pest is correct, it is the same creature that received life from the same heaven as human beings. However, due to the improvement of human selfish life and technological improvements, living creatures called pests have been forced to change their ecosystems and living environment. Although Hakubishin and others were originally southern animals, they can now be seen in Japanese residential areas. Living places and other living things have different problems in living in the same place, so it is necessary to separate them. In recent years, many pests have entered the human life zone, particularly due to food problems and housing problems, and the business form involved in the pest control has been a hot eye. It is also appreciated that methods such as migration and no entry and exit are the mainstream, not killing and killing.