About the method of rat control

As the method of exterminating mice, the method using poisonous food and the method using adhesive sheet are mainly used. Poisonous food is a mixture of rodent-friendly food and rodenticides, and the method of preparation differs depending on the type of rat. For example, it is effective to mix animal oil with food if it is a carnivorous rat. Also, for rats and mice that prefer grain, etc., it is better to mix vegetable oil. In addition, some rodenticides have acute toxicity and some have chronic toxicity. And since the acutely toxic rodenticide needs to make the rat eat a lethal dose, less than that, it is not only ineffective, but it will never eat that rodenticide again. It can be said that it is easy to use.

What is the reality of extermination of mice

The reality of extermination of mice should be clear when you try it. There is no effect if you let mice eat poisonous food, set up adhesive sheets, or go blindly. Instead, they find rat signs and use poisonous food and adhesive sheets in the corridors that mice often use. At this time, you need to be careful not to get human odor. Therefore, it is better to leave it to a pest control company who understands the rat well. Since the pest control company has a lot of know-how on extermination of mice, it can effectively eradicate them. In addition, the pest control company can be found on the Internet, and there is a service that allows you to get a price estimate from many pest control companies at one time.