I like a good dance party. Totally Michael could rile up the same crowd that smash into each other at Matt & Kim and Deathset shows, except his party would probably be strewn with balloons and bowls of cashews. The man loves cashews, but aside from that he makes absurdly fun music by laying down a drum-machine beat, a sequenced keyboard melody, and some punk power chords.

In “Death Hill” the guitar chords chug as much as drums, which takes me back to the mid-nineties when bands like Green Day and NOFX topped the charts and I romped around the friendly all-ages punk shows for bands like The Queers. Totally Michael makes a similar burst of pop-punk, happycore, funcore, dancecore, cashewcore, or what every you want to call it. Punk will never die.

There are more MP3s at his website. Totally Michael is currently on tour but he does not have all his shows lined up yet. So if you want him to play your bar mitzvah or club party give him a holler. Full tour dates after the jump.